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Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning outcomes are the framework of a training plan
  • Identify what students will be able to do as a result of participating in the training programme
  • Lab exercises
  • Will be able to demonstrate Proof of Concept in the area of the topics covered.
  • Group technical discussions.
  • Explicit, concise, precise defined statements
  • Clearly identify the expected behavior outcome(s)

Guidelines for Developing Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning outcomes will include the following components:
    • Results/outcome oriented
    • Measurable
    • Focused on only major job-related tasks
    • Behavioral statements (e.g., not just knowing or understanding something but demonstrating that they know it and understand it)
    • Specific and precise about what they are to be able to do
    • Clearly stated, no clutter

Skill Development Training

24×7 Tech Support Services, a Vocational training provider is bridging the gap between the skilled people required in Industry and the unemployed youth of the county.

We always ensure that the right student chooses the right course according to his/her academic background, aptitude and skill-set. Doing this will help our students get the career edge and the extra push that is so highly needed in a competitive job market, eventually leading to professional success


  • What do we need to know?
    • Who are we training?
    • The existing knowledge of training participants
    • Identify the gaps in what they know and what they need to know
    • How the training will help them accomplish their work
    • The type of training or job-related training they have already experienced

Training Programme:

  • Objectives
    • What do we want the trainee to learn during this training program?
    • Learning Objectives / Outcomes
    • What methods we will use to assist them to reach this level of performance and knowledge?
    • Lab Activities, Technical discussions, workshops
    • What resources will be used to deliver this training program?
    • How will this training be structured overall?


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