Applied Rigging Practice

Course Objective

  • The course shall provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the safe methods and procedures of rigging and slinging. Upon completion of the course,
  • participants will be able to perform; basic rigging, evaluation of components, safe and proper handling of components, and inspections of components. Participants
  • will also gain knowledge in the application of chains, ropes, slings, and hardware used in rigging.
  • ndentify the four major types of sling hitches
  • Indentify parts of a wire rope
  • Describe the method of installing wire rope on a winch drum
  • Determine stress on slings used in hitches
  • Indentify the correct rigging sizes for any load weights
  • Indentify the proper procedures for using rigging hardware
  • Select the correct Slings, Shackles, Eyebolts, Chain Blocks and Lever Hoists
  • Describe the pre-use inspection criteria for a variety of sling & rigging gear types
  • Apply basic rigging calculations
  • Apply hand signals for mobile & overhead cranes
  • Calculate load weights & load dimensions
  • Rig & transfer loads safely


Target Audience

The course is primarily focussed to teach essential skills with hands on practice for riggers, rigging supervisors, foremen, safety officers, safety engineers & all the relevant personnel who are required to work with & around rigging operations

Course Duration

01 Days (Theory & Practical- If required)

Course Topics

  • Practical Rigging Gear Applications
  • Load Rated vs. Non-Load Rated Products
  • Crane Considerations
  • Regulatory Guidelines
  • Use & Inspection
  • Wire Rope Types & Construction
  • Wire Rope Inspection
  • End Fittings
  • Weights & Measures
  • Physical Forces
  • Rigging Capacity considerations
  • Sling Angle Stress
  • Bridle Sling Rating Charts & Offset Center of Gravity

Rigging Gear and Inspection Criteria

Sling (Wire Rope, Single-Part, Mini-Part)
Rigging Components
Sling Ends
Eye and Sling Choker Hook

Putting Slings to Work – Hitch Capacity and Hardware Selection Rigging Fundamentals

  •  Know Your Lift
  • The Lifting Device
  • The Hitch
  • The Load & The Load Weight

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