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German has been considered to be the most sought after foreign languages, the knowledge of which can open a plethora of opportunities for students and work seekers.

Be it in business and finance, travel and tourism, research and development or leisure, German is the language of the globe. Especially in Eastern Europe, German is the stronghold of knowledge and ease.

It is important to learn and build your proficiency over the language in a way that your base is strong and your fluency is mastered.

The Intensive German Language Course at J&A Training Academy provides you with the German language skills required for further education, to achieve your career goals and broaden your horizons. In our short-term courses, starting at duration of one week, you acquire basic knowledge of German or develop your existing language skills in a targeted manner. Prospective students or those preparing for a professional qualification in Germany can systematically build up the necessary German language skills to meet specific needs in our long-term courses and reach the required language level in best time

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