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J&A offers the best IELTS exam preparation courses in Kerala and has already assisted hundreds of professionals and students to achieve their desired band score in the test. In this course you will learn IELTS specific English and practice exam skills for listening,reading,writing and speaking to succeed in the exam.

Students are divided into smaller groups based on the version of the test they want to sit(Academic/General) and are taught by experienced teachers assuring personal attention in each stage of the course.Exam enrollment will be done by the training academy and students will pay the current exam enrollment fee.

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Why J&A Training?
IELTS Test reports of our past students for verification!

In the IELTS test it is results that matters and we realize that.The easiest way to ensure you are doing your IELTS exam preparation with the right people is to look at the exam results of their old students.At J&A you can check the test results of our ex students to verify our track record before enrolling.

We get you ready for the test in less time!

We cut to the chase.We know the testing system pretty well.It means we do not waste your valuable time making you study anything the IELTS test does not require.From day one you study skills that will come handy at the four modules of the test.What makes our preparation course unique is we teach strategies and tips too which would help test takers maximize their score without toil.

You learn not only from teachers but students too !

At J&A students in the IELTS exam preparation classes are a mixed bag which means our students are not only from nearby towns but from around the country.Guess what! The IELTS writing and speaking blogs of J&A are visited everyday by IELTS exam candidates from as far as Nepal,Malaysia,Middle East Philippines and Bangladesh.